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Dr Omar Rahman, Orthopedic Surgeon, Sports Medicine and Shoulder Specialist

Dr. Rahman

Orthopedic Surgeon | Sports Medicine Arthroscopic Surgery | Joint Reconstruction

Omar Rahman, MD, MBA, is an Orthopedic Surgeon with subspecialty training in Sports Medicine and Shoulder Surgery, specializing in ligament, meniscus, and cartilage injuries of the knee; labral tears, instability, rotator cuff injuries, and arthritis of the shoulder.

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Sports Medicine

Keeping You in Action

Sports Medicine, also known as sports and exercise medicine (SEM), is a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of sports and exercise-related injuries and improving fitness and performance. The main objective of sports medicine is to help individuals engage in sports and exercise in a safe and effective manner to accomplish their training goals.

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Shoulder Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedure performed for joint problems. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed using a pencil-sized instrument called an arthroscope. The arthroscope consists of a light system and camera that projects images of the surgical site onto a computer screen for your doctor to clearly view. Arthroscopy is used to treat disease conditions and injuries involving the bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the shoulder joint.

Research in Emerging Technologies

Dr. Rahman is a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies to maximize patient outcomes including:

  • Augmented Reality in Preoperative Planning and Intraoperative Guidance
  • Virtual Reality in Arthroscopy and Surgical Education
  • Virtual Reality as a Pain Control Modality (Alternative to Narcotic Medications after Surgery)

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Research & Publications

Research and Publications

A Comparison of Immersive versus Non-Immersive Virtual Reality Technology in Hip Arthroscopy Training

Research and Publications

Current Concepts in the Business of Orthopaedic Practice

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